This is Crescent Station

An autonomous weather station and AIS beacon, managed by Bermuda Maritime Operations Center, Department of Marine and Ports Services. It is securely affixed to a channel marker on the North Channel, approximately 4 miles North of Dockyard. This location marks a critical point where the channel approach follows a graceful "crescent" shaped bend, leading into a chute in the reef, measuring just about 200 meters wide.

Imagine piloting a cruise ship, 330 meters long and 47 meters wide, with an exposed windage area of approximately 25,000 square meters. At this precise bend, knowing the current wind conditions becomes indispensable!

As wind enthusiasts, we greatly value the availability of the only unobstructed wind reading at surface level. This invaluable tool provides real-time insights into the current wind conditions and its recent trends. Keeping us informed about what the wind is currently doing empowers us to make well-informed decisions and indulge in our passion for wind-related activities.